Thursday, April 17, 2008

NEW... a newsletter!

We are excited that we are in the final stages of creating our first email newsletter "In the Moment"! It will be a monthly thing, and we hope everyone finds it informative.

The cool thing is that we will be inserting little special offers and such that will only be available to newsletter subscribers. So you will want to be sure you are getting it!

If you are one of our brides (current or past), or we have done a portrait session together, we probably have your email on file. However, if you are a wedding guest or a family member of the bride of groom, we might not have your address. So be sure you let us know you want our newsletter!

Go to our wedding website by clicking that link on the right ------->. In the "contact" section there is a place you can give us your email addy to join our newsletter list. Go... do it'll be sorry if you don't! :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Let's get personal...

So I've heard from some blog experts that they want my blog to be more personal. They know I take pretty pictures, but whose the chick behind the lens? So here is my first attempt at making this blog much more regular and more personal...

Did you know my husband and I are adopting?

A dog?

While adopting kids is a very noble and amazing thing, we are so not there yet! baby steps, baby steps. We're starting with the furry baby first!

This is Bailey...

He's a Brittany Spaniel and we are adopting him from the American Brittany Rescue. He is so adorable and the sweetest, lovey dog ever! He was abandoned by his previous owner because he was a bad hunting dog, and the ABR took him in so he didn't have to go to a shelter. They saved his little doggy life, and we are blessed b/c of it!

So here's my political shpeal for a moment... don't buy from breeders and beware of puppy mills. There are so many wonderful dogs out there who just need loving homes. Check your local shelter, or shop online if you can't do the whole shelter thing. Some wonderful animals don't get a chance like Bailey.

If you are set on a purebred, check online for rescues, there are tons. And please, please, please... don't breed your dog just b/c he's cute. There are plenty of pets in this world!!

I'm sure you'll be tortured with more Bailey updates as we get to know each other better!